Could This Be The New Normal?

News Flash: Did you hear that a department store in Sweden introduced “normal size mannequins” instead of size 00? How exciting is that? Could this be the new normal? I was so excited when I heard this on the news. The latest rage in Sweden are these “real women” mannequins sizes 12 and 16. I couldn’t believe how fabulous they looked when I saw them. As excited as I was at the news, I heard some negative comments which is always the case when something new comes along. The comments included that they are “condoning obesity” which is certainly not the case. By the way, did you know that the average woman is a size 14? I don’t know about you but I’m tired of that skinny, scrawny, anorexic look. In my opinion those women look absolutely miserable. In my opinion they never look happy, do you agree? If you haven’t noticed, take a look and let me know what you think. I am not telling women to let themselves go and eat whatever they want but we have to learn to love ourselves and love the bodies that God blessed us with. With that being said, LOL, I discovered a Lower Belly Shaper at Rush Industries which is giving me just that little extra support I need after giving birth to four children. After all, no matter how many miles I run, or how many crunches I do, mother nature has taken a bit of a toll on my body. I bought a very cute Panty Girdle that gives me just that little bit of extra support I need under my pants or skirts. Besides being comfortable, it is sexy and very affordable. I also bought the Powernet Control Panty for days when I feel as if I need a bit more control in my butt as well as my thighs. Now that the mannequins are larger sizes, maybe I can apply for a job as a model… Hmmm, now that’s a thought…

Do You Feel Love?

Have you ever heard it said that love cures? I heard someone say that love cures those who give it and it cures those who receive it. 
I’m not sure I believe it but a friend of mine who is battling cancer told me that this is what helped her through the challenges of her illness. She said love is no mystery, but its results are magical in many ways. It’s generally accepted by many people that a lot of illnesses are psychosomatic. Many of us often feel anxiously alone, abandoned, lonely, fearful, and unloved. As a result of these feelings we often express our need through our bodies. It is so sad that so many of us are so hindered. We have the power to change that if we are willing participants in a solution. The action one must take to achieve this is simple. The only requirement is the decision to act with favor toward one another. Try using your eyes and give a struggling person a loving look offering him or her the strength to try and try again and thus succeed with whatever their challenge may be. With no more effort than a genuinely warm glance, you can change the course of history today, tomorrow, always. She told me that she was so sick and was losing her will to live until two of her friends nursed her back to health. She said it was their love that nursed her back and she is now on the road to recovery.

She bought them Cancer Bracelets to show her gratitude for all the love they showered upon her. “What Cancer Cannot Do: corrode faith, shatter hope, destroy peace, silence courage, invade the soul, steal eternal life, conquer the spirit, cripple love, kill friendship, suppress memories.”

How To Overcome Fear With Visual Imagery

My advice for the day!
Take this great thought and dwell upon it: “We have nothing to fear in all the universe!” Did you know that you have the power of control through the wise use of your subconscious mind? Try sitting down quietly and think about a beautiful lake on top of a mountain; envision a still, quiet night. Imagine the surface of the quiet, placid lake and you will see the stars, moon and perhaps the nearby trees mirrored in the water. If there is a disturbance in the water, you won’t see the stars or the moon. Try to quiet your mind, relax and let go and think of peace and stillness

I lead a very busy life, work full time plus and am often filled with fear. When I get home at the end of a long day I often have a very difficult time quieting my mind and relaxing making my fears much more prominent. A friend of mine suggested I Buy Lavender Plants and plant them in my backyard. I took her advice and bought a Set of 10 For Only $44.98 from Rush Industries. I now have magnificent cascades of gorgeous richly French lavender that takes my breath away.

Back to the above great thought… I began doing some visual imagery with my lavender and I have finally achieved the peace and stillness I have always sought but was never able to obtain. In fact, there is a body of water adjacent to my backyard and I see the cascades of lavender in the stillness of the water when dusk arrives. In addition to the mirrored waters of my mind, I have the advantage of calming my mind through my beautiful garden. I have finally learned that if my mind is too busy or there is something that is bothering me, I won’t see the beauty of the world and will go back to a place of fear. My visual imagery is my saving grace thanks to my lavender…I no longer live in fear!

Don’t Miss Lady Liberty!

I heard on the news that the Statue of Liberty will reopen on July 4th, 2013 after it was closed in October 2012. Liberty Island suffered significant infrastructure damage from Hurricane Sandy which rocked the east coast.

Did you know that Lady Liberty officially celebrated her 100th birthday in 1986? The Statue was given to the United States by France in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. Lady Liberty’s symbolism has grown to include freedom and democracy as well as international friendship.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island embraces one of this nation’s most dramatic stories: the immigration of northern, southern, and eastern Europeans into the United States. After being greeted by the Statue of Liberty and processed at Ellis Island, these immigrants purchased tickets and boarded trains, that took them to their new homes throughout the United States. The Island served these immigrants as the gateway to the realization of their hopes and dreams of a new life in America.

My maternal grandfather passed through Ellis Island way back in the early 1900s and I think his name may even be engraved on the walls. I plan on visiting this summer with all of my family to pay tribute to all who passed through and will continue to pass through to live in the great United States of America, the land of freedom and opportunity. As a tribute to Lady Liberty, I discovered 4th of July Military Gifts for friends of mine in the military to show my appreciation for all they do for our Country and other countries throughout the world. I bought a bunch of USA Flags and USA Home of the Brave Caps. Be sure to visit my blog for pictures of the group. It is going to be a glorious celebration!

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island, Symbol of Freedom & Opportunity!

Are You Still Subjecting Yourself To Painful Bikini Waxes?

I don’t understand why I haven’t learned my lesson yet!!! I have been using the Epilady Legend for over 6 months and for some silly reason I decided to go back to the salon and subject myself to a bikini wax yet again… There must be some inexplicable reason why I subject myself to pain… I think I need some serious psyotherapy for this issue, don’t you agree? Why would anyone voluntarily agree to lay down on a table, allow a stranger to pour hot wax on their private parts and then allow them to tear it off??? Yikes, just typing the words is sending me into a painful tizzy LOL.

I’m going on vacation with my husband and children and popped into a salon in the neighborhood, stripped down naked and subjected myself to the most excruciatingly painful bikini wax I have ever had. Don’t bother feeling sorry for me because I should have known better. I sound like my mother who always seems to remember to say: “I told you so!” It’s as if she takes pleasure in letting me know I made a mistake, especially if I have done it over and over again. That’s a hot topic for another day. I can entertain you with mother ~ daughter stories forever but today it is about my bikini. I’m definitely switching back to my Epilady which removes even the shortest and finest hair by the root and leaves my skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks. I probably shouldn’t be sharing such personal information with you but my private parts have been as smooth as a baby’s bum since I started using my Epilady. I must have been having a senior moment when I walked into the salon. I can assure you that will never happen again. You had to see the looks on the other customers faces when I walked out of the room. The shrieks they heard coming out of the waxing room will surely be the talk of the town for a long time to come. LOL…

A 3-Step Formula For Peace Within

I have Serenity Bracelets that help me seek peacefulness at times of uncertainly. It seems that few of us would admit to wanting anything but peace then why does it evade us so often? Have you heard that we receive that which we seek? Then if we are feeling stressed, uncertain or afraid we are obviously not seeking peace. What we obsess about and what we think we want are frequently far different. The former is what we usually get. I have a formula for discovering peace and it is quite simple if you try following 3 steps:

Step 1: Stop Thinking
Step 2: Quiet Your Mind
Step 3: Turn your attention to your Spirit within and ask for clarity, for a perspective, for a forgiving heart.

If you follow these three steps peace will come.

I know you are asking, if it’s so easy, why aren’t we surrounded by more peaceful companions?
The answer is because the noisy ego self is so seductive. Our egos clamor for our attention just as it clamors for control of our lives and the lives of others. The ego is so strong it convinces us we will be more secure if it is in charge. By painfully learning, again and again, that that’s not the case eventually leaves an indelible mark. When we reach that point of desperate pain peace will seek us. Change the path you are on and let your Higher Power guide you and you will find the peace within. It is a fool proof formula! I use it on a daily basis so I can attest to the claims! Try it and see for yourself!

“God Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to Change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Look within, find inner strength, peace and serenity…I did!

A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of A Member Of The Special Forces

My friend Alan is a member of the Special Forces. Members of the Special Forces are highly trained to perform unconventional, often high-risk missions. I saw him last week after a long deployment to Afghanistan and he was a different person than the one I had known years before. He told me:

“I am prepared and ready to fulfill my obligation as a soldier of the United States! I recite this mantra every morning before I get out of bed. As soldiers we undergo extensive training and frequent drilling. We are put through exercises in various simulations of actual battle, so that we will be ready when the enemy attacks. Obviously, to wait until the attack and then prepare ourselves would be suicidal. Therefore, the prepartions must come long before the attack. Preparing for the enemy is the same as waiting for the negative voice inside my head that is seeking to destroy my serenity. The negative voice is a most cunning enemy, with a huge array of tactics and singlemindedness of purpose. The negativity never tires and has infinite patience, lurking in stealth and waiting for an opportunity to attack just like the physical enemy. Confronted with such a persistent and formidable foe, a person must be prepared at all times. With that being said I begin this preparation as soon as I awaken expressing my gratitude towards my Higher Power for another day of life. The acknowledgment helps me center myself and dedicate myself to serving my Higher Power and my fellow countrymen. This further increses my capacity to resist the destructive maneuvers of my negative inner voice as I train my mind and accustom my body in how to think and act. This helps me maintain a state of alertness and preparedness against the attempts of my negative inner voice to mislead me.”

I was so impressed with his dedication and the manner in which he trains his mind on a daily basis in order to prepare not only for battle but for life on a daily basis. I bought him Special Forces Rings in commemoration of his service in the Armed Forces gallantly defending our Country. The rings are distinctly designed with the official insignia of the US Special Forces. The sides of the rings contain finely sculpted US Special Forces emblems as well. He was so touched by my generosity, he said he will treasure it as a keepsake for generations to come. God Bless Alan and all of our troops! The time for world peace is now!!!

Get Rid Of Unwanted Tenants!

Ok Ladies… I’m a bit nutty today so please forgive me. Believe it or not, I have a new tenant and I am not a happy camper. Besides being new, she moved right in without any rent or security and I can’t seem to get rid of her. I am so frustrated and was wondering if you have any suggestions for me. Let me start at the beginning and give you the facts so you can give me an educated opinion. Twenty-eight years ago, I was a beautiful, young and slender woman. Then it happened…I found myself pregnant and lo and behold, the changes started. Okay, I did lose all of the weight after the first baby but less than a year later I found myself pregnant again and the belly popped before it even had time to get back into its flat little shell. After that I had a short reprieve and returned back to my hot little body and BANG: pregnant again! I was now 5 years older and taking the weight off was getting harder and harder but I did it and was very happy in my skin. My children were getting older and easier to handle and I thought I was finished with babies and BANG: pregnant again! Once again, I lost the weight but my belly was a bit loose from all of the pregnancies and weight gain. Back to my unwanted tenant…she has taken up residence in my belly and simply refuses to leave. I am just beside myself and am looking every which way to evict her but nothing seems to work. In the mean time, I found Lower Belly Shape Wear and it seems to be making her quite uncomfortable. I have to admit it is very comfortable and I don’t even notice my belly anymore. In fact, I seem to have forgotten about my tenant well. I may even decide to let her stay rent free…LOL. I will let you know in a few weeks but until then check out the Shape Wear at Rush Industries if you need something sexy and comfortable with support for those extra pounds or just to give you more control under your clothing. My favorite piece is the Seamless High Waist Thong Shaper. It is sooo sexy!!!

Did You Hear About Obama’s Trip To Israel?

Finally! President Barak Obama took his first trip as President to Israel. I witnessed Obama’s arrival live on TV as he landed in Israel and walked off Air Force One. It was heartwarming to watch President Obama stand with the American Military and Israeli Military while they played the national anthems of both countries. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was there along with President Shimon Peres. The Prime Minister and Obama met for more than two hours on the first day and offered a “good cop, bad cop” approach to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Obama called for more diplomacy while endorsing Israel’s right to defend itself as it sees fit. It is a historic visit, part of a Middle East swing that President Obama said was intended to assess the seemingly intractable impasse between the Israelis and Palestinians over how to live next door to each other…. Other important issues discussed included the civil war in neighboring Syria. There are unconfirmed reports of chemical weapons being used in the conflict, which if true, Obama labeled a “game-changer,” regarding limited US involvement so far. President Obama plans to tackle many issues in Israel. President Obama sought to assure the Israelis of his commitment to their security and strengthen what has been a strained personal and working relationship with the Prime Minister.

I am optimistic, as always, that relations between the two countries will improve. The leaders announced new talks on extending US military assistance to Israel for another 10 years past the current agreement that expires in 2017. Speaking of the US Military, I heard President Obama came bearing gifts for the Prime Minister, President Peres and members of the military. He brought Navy Military Wallets that Michelle personally picked out from Rush Industries. The Israeli soldiers were touched by the President and Michelle’s generosity and reciprocated with Israeli trinkets for Michelle, Sasha and Malia.

Let’s continue to pray for peace not only in the Middle East but in the world! Shalom!

9-11 A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

On 9-11, our country was changed forever. I was on my way to work with my husband on a magnificent sunny September morning listening to the local radio station. All of a sudden we heard a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. I could not understand what I was hearing at first – I sat there in disbelief thinking I misunderstood what I was hearing until I heard another plane crashed and then I knew in my gut that we were under a terrorist attack. I could not believe we were hit by a series of coordinated Al Qaeda attacks, killing almost 3,000 innocent Americans in cold blood. I remember walking around in a state of shock that day, calling school to make sure my children were okay and just feeling a sense of horror, fear, grief and sadness. I went through the day’s motions with a sense of numbness, disbelief, confusion… It seem unfathomable that 19 terrorists hijacked four planes. We frantically tried calling all of our loved ones who were working in the City that day. We watched in horror as the towers collapsed and cried as we saw people leap from the towers to their deaths in a desperate attempt to escape the flames. We listened and cried in shock to the phone calls of the passengers on board the hijacked planes and wept uncontrollably as we heard them tell their families they loved them one last time. The day was a mix of grief, shock, sorrow, fear and anger.

However on that day, there were feelings of pride and unity that arose from the flames. We heard and read the heroic stories and watched with pride as ordinary citizens went above and beyond the call of duty to help their fellow Americans. As horrific as 9-11 was, it reminded many of us of what makes this country so great. I bought an American Flag Patch from Rush Industries and sewed it on my jean jacket as a tribute to all of those who lost their lives and all of those who rose to the occasion to help our fellow Americans.

“True courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the willingness to walk through it.
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”