What Is Integrative Nutrition? Find Out Today From My Friend Pam…

Have you heard the term Integrative Nutrition? Do you think it is the newest fad? As usual, I did some research on the topic to enlighten my readers.

I discovered that the practice of integrative nutrition takes a holistic approach to wellness recognizing that the foundation for optimal health and healing begins with a health promoting diet. We all know our bodies are biochemical environments and everything we put into our bodies in terms of the foods we eat, alcohol we drink, medications and so on make a difference. Our choices also determine, to a great extent, if we are moving towards wellness or away from it. It may also determine whether we age well or poorly and what, if any chronic diseases we will face. Integrative nutritionists address heart disease, cancer treatment/survival support, vegetarian eating, healthy aging, anti-inflammatory diet, food sensitivities, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, stress reduction and weight management.

My very dear friend Pam is an Integrative Nutritionist. I treated myself to a consultation which began with an assessment of my current diet and how it was impacting my health. We discussed all that brought me to where I am today including my family and health histories and we discussed how to best minimize any current risks. Pam told me that therapeutic nutrition interventions can often prevent, reverse or delay the onset of disease.

Have you ever spent any time talking with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? Why not do something nice for yourself today and give Pam a call. She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, caring, understanding and extremely professional. She will coach you to create a happy, healthy and less stressful life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. Pam will also will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

No one diet works for everyone. Pam will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that will best support you. Contact Pam at PBilfeld@aol.com, visit her website at ahealthylifenow.com. By the way, don’t forget to mention that I referred you!

Military Dogs & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Are you familiar with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? I’ve written about this in the past but I will reiterate just in case. PTSD is a severe anxiety disorder that sometimes results after exposure to an event that results in psychological trauma, i.e. the threat of death to oneself or someone else or to sexual assault, or exposure to atrocities of war. People often experience flashbacks or nightmares, anger issues, anti-social issues and on and on. Believe it or not, they are now talking about PTSD in Canines of Combat. Hard to believe? Not really… Military dogs are trained for war, giving them a strong foundation to perform. They are trained to jump out of helicopters, repel walls and can even sniff out bombs almost two miles away. The jobs of these canines are irreplaceable. No matter how much preparation these dogs have actual combat can be just as traumatic as their human counterparts. It can take a tremendous toll on their psyches. Increasingly war dogs are sent home suffering with PTDS and it is now considered an official animal condition. PTSD can shatter a dog’s nerves. I heard it is estimated that at least 10 percent of these military dogs have developed PTSD but just like human counterparts they can be treated and retrained when properly diagnosed. Some of the dogs are treated with the anti-anxiety medication called Xanax just like humans.

With that being said I think it is a fabulous idea to send care packages to war dogs and their handlers. I found Cheap Army Rings at Rush Industries that would make a wonderful gift for the handlers. Why not send a handler an Official US Army Ring as a token of appreciation for all they do on behalf of our Country and our military canines who gallantly defend the United States of America. As far as care packages for the dogs, I am still searching for that special gift for the dogs but in the meantime maybe some doggy treats? I think they would appreciate that more than anything. I know that’s what makes my dog happy!

Hopelessly Devoted To You…Kim Kardashian!

Have you seen Kim Kardashian lately? She is glowing! I know pregnant women glow but I suspect it is more than that. She looks absolutely amazing. I never saw her look so happy and radiant.

I’ve read that Kanye West has supposedly helped change her to value her private life more but then she was seen posing nude with him in a magazine…so much for privacy, right? In all fairness, it seems she is opening up about her views on marriage and motherhood. I don’t really understand what the fascination is with the Kardashian family to be honest. My youngest son loves them and I just don’t get it…

My son told me that he thinks she is really changing and has become a person of substance rather than the materialistic, shallow girl she seemed to be. He told me Kanye gave her a True Love Waits Ring for Valentine’s Day and she hasn’t taken it off since he gave it to her. Mind you, it is not a diamond encrusted, bling ring but a simple stainless steel spinner ring. I find it hard to believe that she is toning down her flamboyant, showy, glitzy style but you never know. Time will tell..

I would like to think that their relationship may last because it didn’t start off as a lustful one but rather as a friendship. They have been longtime friends and only started dating last year. An inside source told me that they are best friends who understand each other and help one another through difficult times. She also told me that Kim and Kanye are true hopeless romantics. They both said that they never believed you could have it all but they now know that you can. They want to be perceived as true soul mates and to give hope to the younger generation like my son and his peers. My son and his friends believe her almost fairy-tale childhood has finally fallen over into her adult life thanks to Kanye, her soul mate.

The kids believe the promise ring Kanye gave Kim serves as a token of their commitment to each other. But they are young and still believe in fairy tales. It’s great to be young and naive.

I am a bit pessimistic and not convinced that Kim has changed one iota. In fact, I’m pretty sure this change has been scripted by her publicity team and it has obviously been successful as you can see by the buzz from the kids.

True change or scripted? That is yet to be revealed but I do know that as soon as the press catches sight of the ring, Rush Industries won’t be able to keep them in stock. My son and his friends have already bought a bunch of the rings for their upcoming prom to give their dates. Reminds me of days long ago…

Hopelessly devoted to you…Kim Kardashian!

A Heartfelt Story About Slimming Clothes

A friend of mine shared a portion of her diary with me recently. She is aware of my struggles and wanted to share her experience with me. She asked to remain anonymous and I always respect that:

“I used to try to fill myself inside; there has always been a huge hole inside of me and I used things to fill it. I filled it mostly with relationships. I know you must be thinking what’s wrong with that…but the most unhealthy relationship I filled myself with was FOOD. Food had become my higher power. I used food to fill the unhappiness, the hole, the loneliness, the feeling of not being loved…

As a result, I gained an enormous amount of weight and had nothing that fit but couldn’t stop myself from the emotional roller coaster I was on. I didn’t even want to leave my house because I was so ashamed of how I looked. I found Slimming Clothes at Rush Industries and silly as it may be, that was the start of my recovery from food addiction.

I have learned that no person, place or thing can fill this hole. My Higher Power and I are the only ones who can fill the hole and it was selfish of me to expect that from others or from food. I will never give that power to anyone or any object again.

I feel so blessed today. My humongous hole is about filled. I have learned to fill it myself, without food, without unhealthy relationships and can honestly say that I am truly happy today. I have learned to love myself, every inch of my being, physical and mental. I eat healthy, exercise, meditate and have taken up ballroom dancing. I still wear my Slimming Clothes especially my Underbust Thong Body Suit with a latex front. It is my favorite piece of shape wear from Rush Industries. The thong back is oh so sexy and my belly feels so flat when I wear it. It gives me a smooth look under my clothes and I feel confident and sexy as well. I hope in sharing my story, I help others who are feeling the despair and self-hatred that I used to feel.

PS There’s a fastening in the crotch for easy access for those unexpected moments…”

My dear friend, thank you so much for sharing your experience, strength and hope with us. Your heartfelt story is sure to touch many and that is how we help one another. Looking forward to reading your next chapter in your diary!
Wishing you many blessings…

Army Veteran Caps For Our Military Dog Heroes

ATTENTION ALL ANIMAL LOVERS!!! Did you know that as of Tuesday, December 4th of 2012 a bill was passed by the US House and Senate that declared that military working dogs of all breeds will no longer be classified as “military equipment” to be left behind in foreign lands? Believe it or not, they are now considered military veterans. The dogs will return to military bases for their services as US Heroes. Once there, they will be evaluated, retrained and re-homed if needed. Rush Industries has Army Veteran Caps that would be the perfect accessory for our doggy veterans. I actually bought 25 Army Veteran Caps to send to a bunch of my friends who are Army Veterans and dog lovers. I also sent them some military keychains to attach to the dogs’ collars. In addition to paying tribute to all of those who serve in our Armed Forces, it is time to pay tribute to our doggy veterans! God Bless all who serve our Country and God Bless America! I will post some pictures of the newest military veterans sometime next week, so stay tuned!

The Secret Of My Serenity Prayer Heart Pendant

I have to tell you something about myself. I have always considered myself to be a strong, positive person but in recent years I realized I never knew how strong I was until being strong was the only choice I had. I’m sure you are curious about my hurdles but I think I will keep you guessing for a while until I get to know you a bit better… One thing I will tell you is that my Serenity Prayer Heart Pendant is a tremendous source of comfort for me when I feel as if I am about to break. When I concentrate on the words “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change…Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference” it calms and soothes my soul. It’s taught me to live more, complain less, smile more, hate less and feel more blessed…. We all have “stuff” but I encourage you to stop wasting your breath complaining about life when someone out there may be breathing their last breath – appreciate what you have! I may not be ready to share all of my secrets with you but I will certainly share the source of my Serenity Prayer Heart Pendant – Rush Industries! Check it out!

A Bad Hair Day & How To Get Longer Hair In A Week

What did you think of Michelle Obama’s debut of her bangs last week? I actually like them a lot. I think it gives her a much softer look. I wonder if her recent bob will start a new trend. I remember days long ago when I impulsively decided to cut bangs only to go home and realize they were way too short! I looked as though I stuck my finger in a socket and I was absolutely devastated, I didn’t want to leave my house until they grew back. I also happen to have very curly hair and learned the hard way that bangs just don’t work with hair like mine… I may be dating myself but, do any of you remember scotch taping down your bangs at night only to wake up in the morning and they would pop right back up? Anyway, I was so distraught over the length of my hair and bangs until my mother came home and told me How To Get Longer Hair In A Week with a unique product she discovered through a friend. Believe it or not, it was miraculous and I became the poster girl for How To Get Longer Hair In A Week. Check out Long ‘N Strong ® Complete Treatment Set from Rush Industries. Try it for a month and let me know what you think. Don’t forget I enjoy receiving before and after photos, so don’t hesitate to send them my way. And by the way, the blonde on the advertisement is NOT me, I’m a brunette. One of these days, I may surprise you with a picture of my hair – so stay posted! FYI, a little birdie told me the first lady has been using Long ‘N Strong for years…

Cash In On Royal Empress Trees For Sale

Imagine your backyard filled with the smell of lavendar…visual imagery makes me feel so serene. Did you know that lavendar supposedly helps you sleep. I often put a dab of it on my wrists before getting into bed at night. Not only do I love the smell, the lilac color is so soothing to my eyes, it helps keep me serene and centered. My life is so hectic between work, a very busy household, elderly parents, etc., etc., etc., when I get home at the end of the day and step onto the deck in my backyard, I cannot describe the feeling that I have just looking at the magnificent Royal Empress Trees that fill my yard. Rush Industries has Royal Empress Trees For Sale. Although, winter and frigid temperatures still loom, now is the time to cash in on Royal Empress Trees For Sale. If you have a nice size backyard, why not try a King’s Ransom 20 or more only $3.98 ea. = $79.60. Planning for springtime helps get me through the cold, dark, dreary days of January and February in New York!!! Let me know what helps you get through the dog days of winter!

What You Should Know About Royal Empress Trees

Royal Empress Trees are also known as the Royal Paulownia Tree. Royal Empress Trees were named after Anna Paulownia, daughter of the Czar of Russia. In springtime, the Royal Empress Trees blossom in full regal splendor; sprouting masses of lavender flowers… shaped in large pyramid-bell clusters that produce a rich fragrance. The Empress Tree is the world’s fastest growing shade tree. In fact the tree grows so fast, it turns a bare lot into a royal estate… making it the envy of professional landscapers. Believe it or not, the trees grow in almost any kind of soil without any special care… seldom troubled by pests.. they even withstand pollution problems from urban areas. It is a hardy tree that resists temperature from -10 F to 110 F. Simply add water… Stand Back… and Watch it Zoom!!! My backyard is absolutely breathtaking in the spring and smells oh so yummy. I’ll be sure to post pictures in the Spring.

Overcome Your Body Image Issue With Body Shaper Corset

So many women in this country suffer from body image issues. I can’t think of one woman I know who absolutely loves her body. I have to admit I was one of those women but a few years ago, I experienced a traumatic event in my life. Maybe one day I will share that story, I’m just not ready yet. I hope you understand. Anyway, that event set off a whole redefining process for me. I have some very close females in my life who have eating disorders and I began to wonder what all that craziness did to me. It prompted me to explore how I was around food and decided it didn’t feel appropriate to punish myself anymore. However, there was that tiny voice inside my head telling me I was never good enough! I’m sure many of you are familiar with that voice as well. The process was like peeling an onion, as the layers came off, I began to change. I am at the point where I sometimes still hear the critical voice but I have decided not to listen anymore. It is a one day at a time process, sometimes a minute at a time. A little secret of mine is this wonderful and comfortable Body Shaper Corset I discovered. My Body Shaper Corset helps me not only look good, but on days when I’m struggling a bit, it helps me feel better emotionally as well. By the way, don’t bother looking in Victoria’s Secret, the products at Rush Industries are much better quality and cheaper. So to all of my girlfriends out there who can relate, remember: PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!!! Our flaws make us unique. The time to love yourself is now!