Cash In On Royal Empress Trees For Sale

Imagine your backyard filled with the smell of lavendar…visual imagery makes me feel so serene. Did you know that lavendar supposedly helps you sleep. I often put a dab of it on my wrists before getting into bed at night. Not only do I love the smell, the lilac color is so soothing to my eyes, it helps keep me serene and centered. My life is so hectic between work, a very busy household, elderly parents, etc., etc., etc., when I get home at the end of the day and step onto the deck in my backyard, I cannot describe the feeling that I have just looking at the magnificent Royal Empress Trees that fill my yard. Rush Industries has Royal Empress Trees For Sale. Although, winter and frigid temperatures still loom, now is the time to cash in on Royal Empress Trees For Sale. If you have a nice size backyard, why not try a King’s Ransom 20 or more only $3.98 ea. = $79.60. Planning for springtime helps get me through the cold, dark, dreary days of January and February in New York!!! Let me know what helps you get through the dog days of winter!

What You Should Know About Royal Empress Trees

Royal Empress Trees are also known as the Royal Paulownia Tree. Royal Empress Trees were named after Anna Paulownia, daughter of the Czar of Russia. In springtime, the Royal Empress Trees blossom in full regal splendor; sprouting masses of lavender flowers… shaped in large pyramid-bell clusters that produce a rich fragrance. The Empress Tree is the world’s fastest growing shade tree. In fact the tree grows so fast, it turns a bare lot into a royal estate… making it the envy of professional landscapers. Believe it or not, the trees grow in almost any kind of soil without any special care… seldom troubled by pests.. they even withstand pollution problems from urban areas. It is a hardy tree that resists temperature from -10 F to 110 F. Simply add water… Stand Back… and Watch it Zoom!!! My backyard is absolutely breathtaking in the spring and smells oh so yummy. I’ll be sure to post pictures in the Spring.