Could This Be The New Normal?

News Flash: Did you hear that a department store in Sweden introduced “normal size mannequins” instead of size 00? How exciting is that? Could this be the new normal? I was so excited when I heard this on the news. The latest rage in Sweden are these “real women” mannequins sizes 12 and 16. I couldn’t believe how fabulous they looked when I saw them. As excited as I was at the news, I heard some negative comments which is always the case when something new comes along. The comments included that they are “condoning obesity” which is certainly not the case. By the way, did you know that the average woman is a size 14? I don’t know about you but I’m tired of that skinny, scrawny, anorexic look. In my opinion those women look absolutely miserable. In my opinion they never look happy, do you agree? If you haven’t noticed, take a look and let me know what you think. I am not telling women to let themselves go and eat whatever they want but we have to learn to love ourselves and love the bodies that God blessed us with. With that being said, LOL, I discovered a Lower Belly Shaper at Rush Industries which is giving me just that little extra support I need after giving birth to four children. After all, no matter how many miles I run, or how many crunches I do, mother nature has taken a bit of a toll on my body. I bought a very cute Panty Girdle that gives me just that little bit of extra support I need under my pants or skirts. Besides being comfortable, it is sexy and very affordable. I also bought the Powernet Control Panty for days when I feel as if I need a bit more control in my butt as well as my thighs. Now that the mannequins are larger sizes, maybe I can apply for a job as a model… Hmmm, now that’s a thought…

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