My Mind Is A Garden

Two Royal Empress TreesI have never been interested in gardening and always joked about having a “brown” thumb. I somehow managed to kill a cactus. Miraculously, all that has changed for me but it did not happen overnight. It has been a very long and difficult process. The last ten years have been extremely challenging ones for my family but in many ways they have been a blessing as well. The gardening has been the end result and has become one of my passions. I won’t get into the “issues” in my life that forced me to look at myself and change but I will talk a little about the journey.

I spent some time with my best friend Linda who is an avid gardener. She knew about my struggles and wanted me to have the peace and serenity she finds when she spends time in her garden. Linda told me to think of my mind as a garden. She said “you are the gardener”. Of course, I thought she was nuts at first, being that my life was crumbling, I decided to listen and try and follow her path. She told me that my mind was filled with negativity and the result of planting negative thoughts resulted in thorns. She promised me if I planted positive seeds my mind would produce a bountiful bouquet. Sound hokey? It did to me but I gave it my all as I always do and little by little, I began to blossom and my life changed in many ways. Whenever I feel my mind going back to the negativity, I quickly switch to the beautiful garden in my mind and immediately feel the stress start to dissipate.

I don’t know what I would do without my friend Linda. To thank her for her free psychotherapy, I sent her a King’s Ransom of Two Royal Empress Trees. Her garden is now filled with multiples of Two Royal Empress Trees which flower the most magnificent masses of lavender flowers. Besides the physical beauty of the trees, lavender scent has a calming effect which aids in the reduction of anxiety and stress. A natural relaxant! 

Think about what you are focusing on the majority of the time. Is it negative or positive? Let go of the negative and allow your mind to become of garden of peace and serenity! You deserve it! As Dr. Martin Luther King said: “The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right”. The time is now, my friends! Take care of yourselves and don’t forget to send me snap shots of your gardens.

What You Should Know About Royal Empress Trees

Royal Empress Trees are also known as the Royal Paulownia Tree. Royal Empress Trees were named after Anna Paulownia, daughter of the Czar of Russia. In springtime, the Royal Empress Trees blossom in full regal splendor; sprouting masses of lavender flowers… shaped in large pyramid-bell clusters that produce a rich fragrance. The Empress Tree is the world’s fastest growing shade tree. In fact the tree grows so fast, it turns a bare lot into a royal estate… making it the envy of professional landscapers. Believe it or not, the trees grow in almost any kind of soil without any special care… seldom troubled by pests.. they even withstand pollution problems from urban areas. It is a hardy tree that resists temperature from -10 F to 110 F. Simply add water… Stand Back… and Watch it Zoom!!! My backyard is absolutely breathtaking in the spring and smells oh so yummy. I’ll be sure to post pictures in the Spring.