My Mind Is A Garden

Two Royal Empress TreesI have never been interested in gardening and always joked about having a “brown” thumb. I somehow managed to kill a cactus. Miraculously, all that has changed for me but it did not happen overnight. It has been a very long and difficult process. The last ten years have been extremely challenging ones for my family but in many ways they have been a blessing as well. The gardening has been the end result and has become one of my passions. I won’t get into the “issues” in my life that forced me to look at myself and change but I will talk a little about the journey.

I spent some time with my best friend Linda who is an avid gardener. She knew about my struggles and wanted me to have the peace and serenity she finds when she spends time in her garden. Linda told me to think of my mind as a garden. She said “you are the gardener”. Of course, I thought she was nuts at first, being that my life was crumbling, I decided to listen and try and follow her path. She told me that my mind was filled with negativity and the result of planting negative thoughts resulted in thorns. She promised me if I planted positive seeds my mind would produce a bountiful bouquet. Sound hokey? It did to me but I gave it my all as I always do and little by little, I began to blossom and my life changed in many ways. Whenever I feel my mind going back to the negativity, I quickly switch to the beautiful garden in my mind and immediately feel the stress start to dissipate.

I don’t know what I would do without my friend Linda. To thank her for her free psychotherapy, I sent her a King’s Ransom of Two Royal Empress Trees. Her garden is now filled with multiples of Two Royal Empress Trees which flower the most magnificent masses of lavender flowers. Besides the physical beauty of the trees, lavender scent has a calming effect which aids in the reduction of anxiety and stress. A natural relaxant! 

Think about what you are focusing on the majority of the time. Is it negative or positive? Let go of the negative and allow your mind to become of garden of peace and serenity! You deserve it! As Dr. Martin Luther King said: “The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right”. The time is now, my friends! Take care of yourselves and don’t forget to send me snap shots of your gardens.

Get the Results You Want With No Effort!

Two Italian Tomato PlantsNO EFFORT!!! Did I catch your attention? I bet I did… I would also guess that you think this is a diet gimmick. Am I right? Guess what? It is about diet but not about losing weight. It’s about getting the right nutrients in order to stay healthy. What better way to get vitamins than from Two Italian Tree Tomatoes from Rush Industries. Two Italian Tree Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Lycopene is beneficial to fight different kind of diseases, most of all cancer. Tomatoes also contain fiber which prevents diabetes, asthma, colon cancer, and lowers the amount of cholesterol from the body. Tomatoes contain vitamin C and A, which fights aging, soothes skin and hair. It also contains vitamin K which helps build bones.

Enough about vitamins let’s discuss “No Effort”. I am definitely not known for my green thumb. In fact, I am embarrassed to say I have killed cacti. Last year on mother’s day, one of my children bought me Two Italian Tree Tomatoes and convinced me to try my hand at gardening, yet again. He promised me that they were easy to grow and required no trimming, no pruning and no effort. He told me his girlfriend’s mother had planted them and they produced over 50 pounds of tomatoes. Although I was a bit skeptical to say the least, I gave it a try. I did not believe that it truly required “no effort”. I am a very busy woman, who works, runs a household and never has a moment to herself. I am sure many of my female readers can relate to that.

Amazingly, we had the most delicious tomatoes last year and we are contemplating starting a tomato sauce business. We have a secret family recipe passed down from my great, great grandmother. My children have been asking me for years to package it and sell it. The problem has always been the tomatoes were never quite right. Well, these are the perfect tomatoes! They are mouth, watering delicious. I have never tasted a tomato like it in the United States. When I taste them, it reminds me so much of Italy, one of my favorite places to visit.

I still can’t believe I got the results I wanted with no effort! I am quite proud of myself. You may be seeing my name very soon on grocery shelves, so keep your eyes open. I may even send my readers free samples….. Good idea? Let me know what you think!

The Secret To Our Neighbor’s Healthy Grass!

It’s finally March and Spring is in the air. I am so happy. In fact, Spring is my favorite season. I love when the leaves on the trees start to come, the flowers begin to blossom, the days are longer and the nights are shorter and the weather starts to warm. We moved to the suburbs quite a few years ago and the landscaping in my neighborhood is quite impressive. I actually never lived in a house growing up. We lived in an apartment so I never really paid much attention to gardening and landscaping. That all changed when we became homeowners. For some reason every year, our grass on the front lawn never looks healthy. In fact, there are times where it often looks dead. A lovely elderly couple who lives diagonally across the street from us always had the nicest grass on the block. In fact, we used to joke that he had his grass painted in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. I couldn’t listen to my husband complaining about the grass anymore. In fact, he always blamed it on the dog. He constantly yelled at the kids for allowing the dog to “do his thing” on the lawn which wasn’t the case. No matter what we said, he didn’t believe us. We learned to just listen and not even argue anymore. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, I got so tired of his complaining, I almost threw him out of the house but decided against drastic measures like that. Seriously, could you imagine if people heard we separated over our front lawn? We actually have a very good relationship. Most people argue over sex and money. That’s not our issues. I’m not saying that money is not an issue, but we are on the same page and do the best we can to manage our finances without arguing. That in itself, is a major feat!

Back to the grass! I saw my neighbor Ed in the street one day and I complimented him on his green grass. He told me he his grass used to look like ours until he bought Grass Seed Mats from Rush Industries. He said you just roll it out, water and watch your lawn seed grow! He also told me that it is perfect for shady & sunny locations. Their side of the street is much sunnier than ours. I immediately bought some and miraculously our lawn looks better than his! The best part of this story is that my husband has nothing to complain about anymore! He’s a very happy camper thanks to my neighbor Ed! Thanks for being such a wonderful neighbor! I owe you one Ed!

Rush Industries Gardening And Germinating Christa’s Road To Recovery

My friend Christa has suffered from different addictions for many, many years. She has finally found recovery and has learned to let others into her world of serenity & peace through gardening…. This is what she shared with me.

“From my earliest memories, I never felt as if I belonged. Whenever I was in a group situation I always felt apart from the crowd. I had a hard time fitting in. I believed that if I let others get to know me, they would reject me. Perhaps my addiction began to germinate in this climate of self-centeredness.

I hid the pain of my alienation with an attitude of defiance. In essence, I was telling the world, “You don’t need? Well I don’t need any of you either. I can take care of myself”. The further I recoiled, the higher the walls I built around myself.

Those walls began to fall when I started peeling the layers of the onion and allowing others into my life. I began to find acceptance and with this acceptance it allowed me to let others take part in my life without fear of rejection.

Instead of germinating my addiction, I began to germinate a physical garden. My sponsor turned me onto Rush Industries Gardening and I fell in love not only with myself but with my garden which I named my Garden of Gratitude. I nurture my garden the way I nurture myself now.

One of my favorite things about my garden are my Spring Onions Seedballz. When I look at them, they remind me that there are always more layers to peel and there is always more to be revealed. I’ve learned that when I cry as I peel the onions, the tears are therapeutic and help me to continue healing. I finally have begun to feel whole and I cherish & relish my Garden of Gratitude.

An added bonus to the Spring Onions Seedballz is that by purchasing SEEDBALLZ you help create opportunities for adults with disabilities. Each Seedballz is gently hand-rolled by people with disabilities in the USA! It fills me with pride to know that I am helping Americans with disabilities and this is one of my ways of giving back.”

Thank you for sharing a piece of your story with us Christa! I’m sure you have helped many others by allowing me to post your story. After all, we all know that we help one another by sharing our experience, strength and hope! I am touched by your courage and your strength and look forward to receiving pictures of your Garden of Gratitude so I can post them for our readers.

Cash In On Royal Empress Trees For Sale

Imagine your backyard filled with the smell of lavendar…visual imagery makes me feel so serene. Did you know that lavendar supposedly helps you sleep. I often put a dab of it on my wrists before getting into bed at night. Not only do I love the smell, the lilac color is so soothing to my eyes, it helps keep me serene and centered. My life is so hectic between work, a very busy household, elderly parents, etc., etc., etc., when I get home at the end of the day and step onto the deck in my backyard, I cannot describe the feeling that I have just looking at the magnificent Royal Empress Trees that fill my yard. Rush Industries has Royal Empress Trees For Sale. Although, winter and frigid temperatures still loom, now is the time to cash in on Royal Empress Trees For Sale. If you have a nice size backyard, why not try a King’s Ransom 20 or more only $3.98 ea. = $79.60. Planning for springtime helps get me through the cold, dark, dreary days of January and February in New York!!! Let me know what helps you get through the dog days of winter!

What You Should Know About Royal Empress Trees

Royal Empress Trees are also known as the Royal Paulownia Tree. Royal Empress Trees were named after Anna Paulownia, daughter of the Czar of Russia. In springtime, the Royal Empress Trees blossom in full regal splendor; sprouting masses of lavender flowers… shaped in large pyramid-bell clusters that produce a rich fragrance. The Empress Tree is the world’s fastest growing shade tree. In fact the tree grows so fast, it turns a bare lot into a royal estate… making it the envy of professional landscapers. Believe it or not, the trees grow in almost any kind of soil without any special care… seldom troubled by pests.. they even withstand pollution problems from urban areas. It is a hardy tree that resists temperature from -10 F to 110 F. Simply add water… Stand Back… and Watch it Zoom!!! My backyard is absolutely breathtaking in the spring and smells oh so yummy. I’ll be sure to post pictures in the Spring.